Tuesday, June 10, 2008

“Triple” Legal Immigration? Say It Ain't So, Lou Dobbs!

Brenda Walker's latest column on vdare is on point. Check it out.

Here's a teaser:

As usual, ordinary Americans understand the largely negative effect of immigration better than the media elite. Most of the problems incurred with chaotic illegal immigration would continue and worsen if Washington were to vastly increase legal immigration, even if illegal entry were completely ended. Some of the worst criminals and public health risks might be kept out….or maybe not. Given the backlog, inefficiency and corruption that exist now in processing legal immigrants, the bureaucratic overload alone should be seen as prohibitive.

More importantly, how many and which immigrants are accepted should not be determined by the would-be immigrants themselves—a common assumption among open-borders liberals. Nor should it be decided by the business owners, for whom workers can never be too cheap or too exploitable.

The decision of who and how many belongs in the hands of the American people.

And Americans don't want to live in Mexifornia or anything like it, as they have tried to make clear to Washington.

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